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Everything Is Fine 01/11/2010

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Everything Is Fine
Ann Dee Ellis
Little, Brown, 2009
160 p.

I’m pretty sure I finished this book in just under 2 hours. I think the setup of the book was helpful to my speed-reading — Mazzy, the narrator, speaks short, static sentences that tell us her story without divulging too much (unnecessary, in her eyes) information.

Mazzy’s father has abandoned her and her mother for a job opportunity with ESPN, and her mother’s become a walking zombie; a fact that Mazzy will admit to no one, despite the best efforts of her neighbors, friends, and her mother’s caretaker (thoughtfully hired by her father so someone would be there in his absence) to check in on Mazzy and pose some sort of intervention for her mother. You really feel for Mazzy — it can’t be easy to be 12 and have to hold your head up everyday and pretend like, as the title says, everything is fine. Ellis’ character is about as awkward as 12 can get (can you say, shoving oranges in your bra to try and impress the boy next door?), which is what makes the story refreshing, instead of woeful and melodramatic.


Looking for Alaska 01/09/2010

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Looking for Alaska
John Green
Dutton Press, 2005
Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature winner, 2006

Okay, I really shouldn’t wait until 2 months after I’ve read a book to write about it…it makes things hard.
But I REALLY liked this book…in fact, I’ve become something of a John Green fangirl as of late. It’s partially the Chicago connection, partially the Alabama connection (his three years at a boarding school in Alabama resembles the boarding school in ‘Looking for Alaska’, and we will forgive him for being a Bama fan), and also it’s just because he writes good books that I like.

And ‘Looking for Alaska’ is one of those books. It’s about a guy (Miles) who doesn’t really have any friends who decides to go to boarding school in Alabama. And there, he meets a girl who he really likes…a reckless and intelligent girl named Alaska, who intrigues every boy on campus. Of course, Alabama has a boyfriend, but she spends just enough time flirting with Miles to keep him hanging on. A realistic novel, an accurate capture of adolescence. And just super good.

If interested, John Green and his brother Hank have a youtube channel called the Vlog Brothers, where they sing songs and tell jokes and talk about nerdy and smart things (there is a difference.)

Here is a video of John’s adorable puppy explaining the health care bill:


Super Excited About… 01/05/2010

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What a Jerk!

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Okay, here’s a secret: I can be a major slacker at times. I haven’t been slacking on my reading, but I have been slacking on my posting.

Here’s a brief list of what I’ve been reading with the first words that come to my head about the books, with a promise of some actual “reviews” to come:

Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins (FAVORITE)
Looking for Alaska – John Green (SECOND FAVORITE)
Everything is Fine – Ann Dee Ellis (REALLY FAST READ)
Best Bad Luck I Ever Had – Kristin Levine (ALABAMA)
Push – Sapphire (CRY)
Love, Aubrey – Suzanne LaFleur (LETTERS)
Liar – Justine Larbalestier (AWESOME)
The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman (AUDIO = AWESOME)
Notes from the Dog – Gary Paulsen (WOOF! CANCER)
And a couple of Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris (VAMPYORS!).

I’m apologize to all four of you who actually read my blog. I’ll post some more soon, I promise!!