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Looking for Alaska 01/09/2010

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Looking for Alaska
John Green
Dutton Press, 2005
Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature winner, 2006

Okay, I really shouldn’t wait until 2 months after I’ve read a book to write about it…it makes things hard.
But I REALLY liked this book…in fact, I’ve become something of a John Green fangirl as of late. It’s partially the Chicago connection, partially the Alabama connection (his three years at a boarding school in Alabama resembles the boarding school in ‘Looking for Alaska’, and we will forgive him for being a Bama fan), and also it’s just because he writes good books that I like.

And ‘Looking for Alaska’ is one of those books. It’s about a guy (Miles) who doesn’t really have any friends who decides to go to boarding school in Alabama. And there, he meets a girl who he really likes…a reckless and intelligent girl named Alaska, who intrigues every boy on campus. Of course, Alabama has a boyfriend, but she spends just enough time flirting with Miles to keep him hanging on. A realistic novel, an accurate capture of adolescence. And just super good.

If interested, John Green and his brother Hank have a youtube channel called the Vlog Brothers, where they sing songs and tell jokes and talk about nerdy and smart things (there is a difference.)

Here is a video of John’s adorable puppy explaining the health care bill:


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