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Everything Is Fine 01/11/2010

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Everything Is Fine
Ann Dee Ellis
Little, Brown, 2009
160 p.

I’m pretty sure I finished this book in just under 2 hours. I think the setup of the book was helpful to my speed-reading — Mazzy, the narrator, speaks short, static sentences that tell us her story without divulging too much (unnecessary, in her eyes) information.

Mazzy’s father has abandoned her and her mother for a job opportunity with ESPN, and her mother’s become a walking zombie; a fact that Mazzy will admit to no one, despite the best efforts of her neighbors, friends, and her mother’s caretaker (thoughtfully hired by her father so someone would be there in his absence) to check in on Mazzy and pose some sort of intervention for her mother. You really feel for Mazzy — it can’t be easy to be 12 and have to hold your head up everyday and pretend like, as the title says, everything is fine. Ellis’ character is about as awkward as 12 can get (can you say, shoving oranges in your bra to try and impress the boy next door?), which is what makes the story refreshing, instead of woeful and melodramatic.


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